ALT+2 Crashing Dx11 Renderer/Preview on Beta 39 64bit

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Long time listener, first time caller.

Recently updated to vvvv beta 39 64x, downloaded with the auto installer with the latest dx11 nodes pack.

Every time I try to set a Render DX11 or Preview DX11 to a boxed display node using alt+2, vvvv crashes. I can reliably reproduce this from a blank patch after startup. Everything else seems to work, alt+1, alt+3, alt+enter, and older patches I’ve written that already have the nodes in the alt+2 mode load and work as expected.

Does not seem to have any issues with the EX9 variations, or when using subpatches.

I have tried using the dx11 pack from my previous working installation, but it doesn’t seem to effect the outcome.

Am I the only person getting this, and does anyone have any tips for resolving/working around it/debugging it? TTY Renderer doesn’t show anything either when the dx11 renderer is created or when it crashes. Is there a way to get like a crash report?

hei polite,
i’m afraid this is a known issue with no solution yet. thanks for brdinging it up again.

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Thanks for the reply. Apologies if it was a repost, I couldn’t find anything via search when I looked.

I’ll keep using an older version for now.

We finally tracked this one down. Upcoming preview builds (>= 40.0.0-19) will have this fixed. Thanks again for the report.


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