Alt+1, alt+2 etc. doesn't work


I’ve got a strange problem:
changing the render window with alt+1, alt+2 or alt+enter doesn’t work at all!

Any idea why this is the case?
I’m using vvvv beta25.1 and windows 7.

Thanks a lot in advance,



alt+enter works, alt+1, alt+2 still don’t

so now at least I’ve found a way to switch from fullscreen mode to windowed mode by pressing alt+enter (I’m used to pressing alt+1 normally), phew.

Now I’m much more relaxed.

hm, this generally works. so you’d need to be more specific with describing your problem:

  • does the same problem appear on different PCs?
  • probably another software occupies the shortcuts alt+1, alt+2 systemwide?
  • whats the most simple stepbystep guide to reproduce this (from starting vvvv.exe)

Hi, thank you very much!

It was the second option, another software that caused the conflict. I had “macomfort” running - after disabling it, everything works as it’s supposed to.

Thanks a lot!

I just noticed that Photoshop running in the background seems to block Alt+3 and Alt+2 for VVVV…
just in case somebody runs into this in the future.