Alright, I need some help with my math here


as I only seem to find approximations of a solution to this problem, it’s time to turn to the forum. I have vectors incrementing along X while spiraling around X via sinY/Z, put into a Queue to - further down the road - construct a worm/snake of tubes. So far, so good except that it’s actually not good at all because I still need to change the spiraling’s direction according to the heading of the wormthing. And I can’t figure out where and how to place/construct the required rotation.

One of many failures:

callmenames.v4p (24.0 kB)

There is a transformation called FromTo somewhere in the nodelib. If you use pairwise on a spread of positions and that transformation it should work… YesNo?


Turns out, all I needed was to put the rotation (now, Rotate->ApplyTransform) just before the addMouse. Stepping away from the computer for a short while really is the best programming trick! Result is still somewhat sketchy but the spiraling now follows the overall movement. Oh, well.
Move along, everyone ;)