Alright, another one: weird alpha stuff

Please help me understand this:

I have a Phong shaded grid displaying images - the Grid sits on top of a Box. Inactive images are faded through the alpha value. Depth buffer is set.

  1. While I (kind of) like the effect, why are the boxes affected by the grid’s transparency?

  1. Why are they not when I just turn the camera to the other side?

(also note the Text underneath the displays)


thanks in advance,

unfortunately depthbuffer and transparency really don’t like each other. read the part Where Drawing Order Matters… on this page: Transparency

the AlphaTest node can help sometimes, but its limited…

you could sort your transparent objects back to front and draw them accordingly.

edit: on reconsideration, forget what i just typed above. :D

fun fact: I presented the above stuff today and nobody noticed. Bless the not-so-tech-savvy!
Tonfilm: Uhm. Maybe… later? :p In all seriousness, for this work it’s really just cosmetics - if anything - and on this project (in its current state) I can’t be arsed to even try out what the document on Transparency suggests. shrug I’ll go with a darker Grid and Text(Geometry) instead. But thanks! I had wondered about this on several occasions and now was a good time to understand what’s causing the issue.