Alpha with shaders

Can I combine “SetAlpha” with the given Shaders like “GourardDirectional”, “PhongDirectional”, etc…

I mean it has no obvious effect on the transparency doing this.

I could only make DX9 Objects transparent setting their alpha -parameter.
In the latter case: Is ist possible to achieve Directional Lighting with DX9 - Geometries?

  • the dx9 geometries cannot be lit up by a lightsource so you only can do lighning with the combination of shaders and meshes

  • i thought i once had a look on this topic: so that if you only put transparent colors into the shaders, that in this case the output would also be transparent. but it can be that some shaders are not capable of this.

  • transparency within 3d-scenes is a topic with many subtle details. it is NOT easy to do correct looking transparency independent from the camera. there some threads about this topic already. the main problem is: when you draw something transparent it only looks correct if everything behind it is already drawn.

Allrigth i got it:
[here]( ex9)