Alpha Texture, Key Texture

Hi guys! I don’t understand how the alpha channels may works on texture.
I’m trying to convert the black part of a texture in transparency, but it simply doesn’t work, no matter which node I use (Keying, SetAlpha, AlphaLevels, RGBA, LumaKey)

Perhaps I don’t know how to use them?

In the patch attached, my idea is to “Keying” the black background of the TEXTURE2 in order to have the six white square over the TEXTURE1, but I always obtain only TEXTURE2

this is an example, not my real patch. In the real, textures are given and I cannot modify them <<<

ps I’m on beta27

AlphaKey.v4p (22.0 kB)

the second quad draws over the first quad, so you need another blend mode for it. try Blend node in mode multiply.


AlphaKey1.v4p (12.6 kB)

Thank you guys!

I already tried the two solution you wrote, but unfortunately the problem is way more complex, because the real patch is not Black/white and involve lots of rotating mesh in more level etc etc.

What I wanna achieve is something like this: here I used, instead of the generated texture, the same image but made in photoshop, with transparency instead of black. It works, even with the Blend mode not in multiply , or add

My question is: it is possible to do the same operation inside VVVV? I mean, convert all the BLACK from an image in a alpha channel?

Thanks! :D

AlphaKey.rar (4.8 kB)

If you use the right setting in dx9texture, you can just make the background color of the renderer transparent.

Yep! It works with some “Format” values, like “V8U8” or “L6V5U5” many thanks :D super help

Now I’ll try if this works in the real problem, in the meanwhile can you give me some resource to study what all this different format are (there’re lots of them!)

Sorry, when it comes to those formats I am as puzzled as you are… perhaps some more knowing devvvvs can shed some light on it and perhaps event point to a page (MSDN?)where they are explained.

about the formats:
use A8R8G8B8 (or A8B8G8R8)
for better precision A16B16G16R16 (or A32B32G32R32, but it is slower to render to)
you won’t need anything else

Why use A8R8G8B8, A8B8G8R8, A16B16G16R16 or A32B32G32R32? The do not works in terms of keying background!

AlphaKey2.v4p (17.9 kB)

Ok Ok I got it, was really simple! The background color in the renderer with alpha=zero! damn!

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