Alpha in png not showing in BumpGlossed (DX11) and superphong (DX11)

Hi! This is my first post here and as a beginner in vvvv I’m afraid to ask something very basic (stupid !?). I’m trying to get an alpha channel from an png to be shown in one of this custom shaders (BumpGlossed (DX11) and superphong (DX11). I have two planes stacked on each other. The overlying plane should be transparend where the alpha channel is transparent.And showing the underlying plane. This works with the standard shaders but not with the both mentioned. I already use the blend node with blend in the render state. Sorry if i ask for something stupid but I’m really new to vvvv and tried now for several day’s to solve this problem without success.


Hi specter,
you either have to draw the two planes in the correct order.
So e.g. first the lower opaque plane, then the transparent plane.
Or you can set the renderer’s depth buffer mode to none.

correction: alpha in texture is currently not working in superphong. will correct this in next update.

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Hi mburk,

thanx for your great shader! Looking forward for your next release. I guess the alpha is also broken in bumped gloss dx11 shader. I already noticed the group order is important. Coming from postproduction and maya -> nuke pipeline is quite different workflow. But vvvv is realy fascinating.

Thanx for your help


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