Alpha artefacts in 3d pipeline

is there a way to get rid of this “alpha-fighting” that happens in depthbuffer mode ?
happening in a custom ggx pipeline but maybe the answer is generic ?

the video seems to be unavailable…

sorry, now its on

have you try blend advanced with AlphaToCoverage set to on?

this is alphatocoverage

Well if you post a sample I can look on it… I never used alphatocoverage, a always use color and depth to render transparent layers. Basically you have to render branches and all solids and then do an extra renderer with all the transparent objects without depthbuffer, then join them using color and depth (just dobble checked, and it don’t seems to work).

Otherwise you can do discard in your pixel shader and use fxaa after…

my tests… color and (2.7 MB)

alos there is way to blend leafs directly to background also should work quite well

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