Allow to scroll all Spread IOBoxes

Hey there,

Would be good to be able to scroll all Spread IOBoxes, no matter what’s their type. For instance, I’m trying to look at a spread of IVLPropertyInfo, and can only get that kind of IOBox :


Isn’t there a way we could have it like a Spread<String> where each slice is the ToString() of that object? Even if in some cases it might not make sense : right now it’s quite cumbersome to quickly have a look into what’s in there.

Thanks in advance!

edit : expected result would be this :



Yes, nice. It’s going to be very handy for debugging and interacting with the computed results.
It would be nice to have output boxes with the ability to scroll spreads regardless of type. Maybe it would also be cool to be able to “select” some of the objects on click.