All workshops to be recorded for archiving

What do you want to learn in this workshop?

I’d like the workshops to become a learning resource for all users, not just the ones who can be there in person.
Obviously the perfect option would be to live stream and archive them straight to youtube like the weekend workshops, as this would stop all the issue with drive space, transcoding and uploading, but the internet was pants last time, and given a festival full of geeks is sure to be again, unless it can be done via a separate internet connection.
If not all can be done then the vl workshops should be a must, but as many as possible, beginner and more advanced.

Do you want the workshop to focus more on technical aspects/skills or on creative experiments and output?

How long do you want the workshop to be?
(Standard formats are 3h or 2x 3h but other formats may be possible)

Do you have an idea who you want to host the workshop?