All midi nodes are red

Hi everyone,
I’m a new vvvv user and I’m playing with some vvvv nodes. I noticed that all midi nodes are red beacuse vvvv don’t see the midi output device. I have installed Microsoft synthesizer and it works fine with other software like Max/Msp.

I don’t understand why vvvv don’t see the midi device. I have a Toshiba notebook (Satellite L650-10D) with Win7 x64.

Can anyone help me?



can you be more precise? only midi-output nodes require a midi-out device to be present. so e.g. MidiNoteOut (Devices) should not be red if you have the ms-wavetable-synth running.

midi-in nodes could still be red if there is no midi-input device present…

Resolved. I had to update the driver of my audio card. Now all midi-out nodes work fine. ;-)