Akai Eie Pro StereoMix Device

Hey there,
i’ve got a rather simple question. I’ve got a new soundcard (Akai Eie Pro) but vvvv can’t find input devices. vvvv finds the audiodriver but i cant select the channels 1&2 + 3&4. if i plug in a micro with xlr i get sound in vvvv but however there is a red node with (nil). I thought this soundcard works with wmd drivers so it works in vvvv. i found some topic in the forums earlier on, where someone stated that this soundcard is working well in vvvv.
Tried the splitaudio patches from tonfilm and some other stuff like audiorecordselector node. everytime red. the “old” stereomix isnt working aswell. are there special steromix devices for soundcards? i googled alot but cant find any helpful topic. some people suggest something like virtualaudiostreams. is it necessary to install this for getting stereomix from soundcards into vvvv?
can it be just a problem with the drivers? i didnt uninstall my old sounddrivers for having “mobile sound” with my laptop.
i hope someone can help me