After restart vvvv hide pin and delete link

hi pro’s,

i built a main-patch where u can choose between multiple patches, on click the selected file get loaded with CreatNode.

it works fine but SOMETIMES it hides the ID pin and also it deletes the link between the other patch and the DX9Texture in main-patch AFTER RESTARTING vvvv.

Is it a known BUG or how can i fix that??

For the disconnected link, check if its the same patch eveytime, if it is, you’ve probably spelt the node slightly differently, I copy and paste all mine, just to make sure, a capital missing etc can all make a difference…
ID pin disapearing, is another thing, I still have patches that use getnodeid dy david, its in the switching patch on my user page, although I tend to hard wire the node name to save having to use the enums, as they break too easily! I had issues with the pins when they were introduced, and have to say have only just started using them again…

yeah it is the same patch (the start patch i use as placeholder) but i also copied the node and it is not every time when i start vvvv. sometimes it works 5 times in a row and then on the 6th start its broken. and sometimes when the link breaks it also reposition this node to the upper left corner but not always.

i just downloaded your patch switcher and will go through to understand and hopefully use it to fix that probs.

thx for now

attaching the patch allows more detailed help…