Aether2D Mini-Nodeset and examples

As promised in the forum here are some aether2d patches i did half year ago. it was an attempt to build a full fledged 2d physics library but i struggled by my skills and by not having enough time. some node categories is there allready to build allready some interessting stuff but a lot is still not elegantly solved. so if someone wants to join or help with tricks/tipps etc that would help to motivate me to work on it again.
note also that i posted some typography patches some time ago in this forum which also use aether physics…

here is the library/mini nodeset (you have to add/dl the dependency to the aether nuget):
Aether.vl (1.0 MB)

and here are some examples. for some of them you have to add a reference to the aether.vl above.
CarExample.vl (754.5 KB)
CreateConcaveShapes.vl (635.8 KB)
HowTo CreateBodiesFromFixtures.vl (38.7 KB)
HowTo Set up a WashingMachine.vl (35.9 KB)
HowTo Set up DistanceJoinChain.vl (35.0 KB)
RollingStones4.vl (429.5 KB)
SoftType.vl (399.8 KB)


i updated to Aether.Physics2D v2.0
cleaned it up a little bit and added some help patches. ill try add more and more nodes / help patches in the next few days/months. i would be happy and motivated if someone wants to helps out with patching/documentation/ideas/critics/comments/open questions.

github is here:


I love it, well done! I might try and make a quick project with it when my next job is done, and see if I can add anything :)