Advanced tag filtering

Currently there are no dedicated forums for VL / VVVV. Tagging is only encouraged for VL topics.
Let’s presume everyone will adhere to this rule and I am only interested in VL: I can select the VL tag, nice and easy.

But now imagine someone is only interested in vvvv related topics. How to proceed?

What’s more, currently the taglist has only few entries. Most likely that will change over time.

So how abut a system that allows to select multiple tags and to define exclusions (“show all but VL”) ?

the missing vvvv tag is a thing indeed. otherwise the problem is with the rather limited tag-filtering support of discourse. at the moment you can only AND tags in the advanced search.

for now the number of tags is limited to what we have. and the filter functionality is limited by the open-source system… as discourse improves on that, our experience here will improve…

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