Advanced Patching: Draw Multiple Links At once

This is similar to Ctrl+K but I think could bring a lot of additional benefits.ezgif-2-fc2ce3677409

excuse vvvvery bad video editing skills

not exactly sure what you mean here. what we have is: finish a link with a middleclick (or ALT+leftclick) to start another link from the same source immediately. is that what you mean?

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In principle something like multi editing in sublime text, correct? Interesting idea but I guess much harder to implement as there’s so many different interactions with different objects (nodes (of different pin counts and types), pads, ioboxes, regions,…)

How would you imagine it working with mixed type selections (if at all) and what other use cases can you come up with?

My main concern with proposing this idea was to think about “quality-of-life” improvements within vl i.o.w. to eliminate repetitive tasks as much as possible.

About Sublime: I’m not sure but is what you mean already implemented i.e. when renaming a pad within properties list of a class → all pads with previously sam name get renamed?! Not sure

I believe the main use case would be within the design process of a class/record where you define your object and its operations. (So really Pads/Inputs/Outputs connections only, no regions or nodes, also think that i/o boxes fall out of this flow).

I think this feature would be mega powerful especially when combined with this one:

You’d just eliminate the need for repetition totally with both applied.

I’m not sure how the type of a pad would affect the possibility to cast multiple links, but I generally don’t know much about this stuff so could be a problem of course.

Also I am aware that this is an advanced feature so I wouldn’t expect this to be priritized.
Just wanted to document it and leave it here :D

EDIT: Maybe a shortcut like Ctrl+K creating Inputs/Outputs + a new operation for all selected entities would do the same job…

Sublime Text is a text editor, no link to VL or visual programming. Just thought that its Multiple Selections feature (which I’ve seen first in this editor) seems very close in principle to your suggestion. With the main difference that when dealing with text it is fairly straightforward - you get more typing cursors and each one receives the same commands but in their own context. They can be instantiated by mouse click, searches ie. for currently selected. This works with any text you throw at it as it’s always just text.

In general it is a super practical and powerful feature, I’m just wondering how to transfer it successfuly to the world of visual programming.

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