Advanced edge blending on complex surfaces

What tools / software / techniques are people using these days for advanced blending between multiple projectors?

The sort of thing I mean is mapping a detailed irregular surface using multiple projectors to hit objects from different angles. In this situation you end up with a complex blend with the potential for many little ‘islands’ (separated active areas in each projector), and the need for these to have a soft edge.

Is there an external tool I could use to generate the blend masks, or is there an up to date vvvv technique?

I can conceive of building a vvvv system that would check check each mesh vertex / pixel was only projected on by one projector but I might wouldn’t know how to create a soft edge between the different areas. Is there a standard way of calculating this?

To be clear - what I’d want to generate, either in vvvv or another tool, is one texture to apply to a single mesh for each projector, to act as a blend mask so that projector only outputs what it’s meant to.

Any leads?

Elliot also made a BAM mapping setup, but I’m not sure it ever got finished/released

Maybe this contrib can be a good starting point.


BAM mapping seems to be what I’m talking about. Do you know of any external software that works with these or similar?

@joreg - what is the tool you’ve mentioned for mapping before? Something that can export vvvv compatible assets I think


yep that was it. fixed the link in the blogpost to:

Does anyone know how much it costs to license the calibration software only? I’m waiting to hear back from them but need to know asap :)

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