Advanced Blending

hi guys! I’m little confused about the blending… this is my problem: I got some line to draw over an image:

now, I’d like to apply some fancy effect to this line, like the kaleidoscope (for simplicity). I think I must render the lines, then DX9Texture and Blend:ADD

but as you can see, the blending make the line “blur” with the background. Here you can see the difference:

oooooooooook now my question is: it’s possible to join 2 texture without this blending effect? I tried to use the Advanced Blending, and I achieved lots of interesting effect but not what I’m looking for. Someone sorted this out, already?

patch + PNG file (35.6 kB)

I think you can get the result you want by changing the Draw Mode in the blend node to ‘blend’ and changing the format of the DX9Texture node to ‘A8R8G8B8’

simple.v4p (14.5 kB)