Hi (this would be my first)

I made an ADSR because i wasn’t happy with the original ADSR because it reseted value to 0 when activating the envelope instead of taking it from it’s current value. This one doesnt :)

ADSRpatch (Animation v1.1).zip (3.36 Kb) updated read on

please tell me what you think and if the patch could be simplified (tried to do it with one LinearFilter but couldnt because of feedback prevention… wich was odd because i only wanted to send a constant value from a switch to a switch).
I’m new to this so i probably don’t get things right yet.


idea is cool. i never used the adsr curve in 4v, but i do in sound creation. i don´t know much about simplifying your patch, but i recognized a difference in your patch, the adsrpatch node receives input “3” and sends out “3”, the adsr node sends “1” then. integrity ?! i don´t know.

I’ve updated it because the helpfile was wrong

@ bigbabou:
yea, i am used to the sound version too so i wanted one in vvvv that gets along with them and maybe, later on, i get to soundcreation with vvvv too.
Yes it sends out the same value out eventually as send in, with the envelope given. that makes it usefull at many things. the original can only switch from 0 to 1 and back.

Still wonder if it can be simplyfied, to save data (and speed)

aarg… guess i made the patch a bit sloppy:
ADSR only fully functional with value 0 to 1… higher values wil only let you set attack and release by setting the release time value.
it works… but i’m not done yet