Addon Pack in Alpha 38.2 not working (wrong architecture?)

What´s this:



No clue on how to solve this. I get a lot of red nodes when checking girlpower-patches which seems to be due to this…

Best, Chris

Looks like you try to use the 32bit addonpack with 64bit vvvv.

No, I actually used the 64bit addonpack…

ok, in that case: we’re aware that x64 builds display this information wrong atm. so we have to ignore it for now.

can you name some specific?

It seems like it´s mainly bullet physics, that isn´t present.
Didn´t search the complete Addon Pack “in epischer Breite” for other problems, though.

BulletPhysics for DX9 is missing in x64 builds; use DX11 Pack which comes with the DX11 version of BulletPhysics instead.

read here for some missing things in x64 builds:

The DX9/DX11 hint wasn´t bad, but actually I can´t find replacements for every DX9-Bullet-Node.
I did give up on this anyway. The rest of the alpha seems to be running as expected.

Now I only have to find out, if the gamma released today replaces the alpha or the beta or whatsoever. In other words: do I still need the alpha anyway?

depends on the usecase. for any case where you need 3d and physics, gamma does not yet replace beta. so since you were looking for bullet, it probably doesn’t for you. others may have scenarios where they only do 2d drawing and computervision and IO tasks. for those cases gamma can replace beta already.

alphas anyway are only preview-releases of the next beta, so should only be interesting in more advanced cases if you want to test the latest changes. hope that clarifies a bit.

It´s more about Open CV for me at the moment.
I just stumbled upon the red bullet nodes via the “wrong architecture”-problem.

But you mention gamma being a good choice for computervision stuff.
So as I´m looking for exactly this stuff, I should give gamma a try?

Still confused, but it´s getting better :-D

absolutely! it will most likely be your best choice.


Good to have any possible excuse to “waste” some time trying out new and exciting stuff instead of doing any kind of proper work!

you’re vlcome!

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