Adding timestamped values to a timeline

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I have quite a few time stamped values that I would like to add to a timeline. I am however having some trouble running Kairos by @dottore I get a red node (CanvasAndInspector) and the message “SkiaPaint doen’t have a pin called “Input”.” when running “Make a simple Kairos timeline” from the help browser.
I am using 2021.4.3

I tried updating Skia to the latest stable version on, but that also failed.

I am running win 11, that might be the odd thing here, but I don’t really have other issues elsewhere.

And also, is Kairos the best way to go?, the data is fixed and I should not need to move the data around much.


I have several series of values, each with date and time of day.

I’d like to play them back and tween between them

Regarding the Elementa error you have, this was fixed in the latest release. So I guess Kairos is still using an older version.

If you just wanna playback values and lerp between them, maybe you could have a look at BinarySearch nodes?

Binary search looks useful. I will check it out.


this error is caused by some nodes that are actually not used at all. Follow the red nodes and delete them. worked for me.

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Thanks @schlonzo I will try using the binary search for now. The minimal approach looks good.

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