AddFlow3.ocx unable to un/register

I have problem registering AddFlow3.ocx, like I’ve read in former two topics the solve is unclear, rather individual. All other programs runs fine, but vvvv.

Could someone help me register this ActiveX control again.? or at least write me some possibilities…
I am running vista32.


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everytime you start vvvv it tries to register AddFlow3.ocx (if it is not yet registered). therefore you need to start vvvv at least once with administrative rights for being allowed to register the .ocx.

well but there is some problem, the root window doesn’t appear, log shows no problem, by uninstalling it wrotes DllRegisterServer error 0x80040201.
after running dependency walker I found SHLWAPI.dll, and IEFRAME.DLL that have “unresolved import due to a missing export function in a delay-load dependent module.”, but I don’t know how to solve this.

hm…wow. and do you happen to have 3d studio max installed (as that used to cause problems)?

but it worked together for ages, until yesterday.

Now after uninstalling it’s working thank you…Joreg, i didn’t believe that it could be this, thererfore I looked over it.

…but, I need 3DMax. I think problem is not in addflow itself,what about adding the maximalize window option after right click, or newer addflow, don’t know, I am visual, not coder…btw thx to all for vvvv.

hm. this is coming up every once in a while and we don’t have a sollution… nor an idea of what the problem really is. i know of at least one machine where 3dsmax is running sidebyside with vvvv on xp without any such troubles (shall i say yet).

probably there is a workaround.