AddFlow ActiveX-Component is red and unticks immediately

Hi there,

I cannot run vvvv, because in the setup window the AddFlow ActiveX-Component tick cannot be checked. It almost seems like it is checked for a split second, but then it unticks by itself. The square stays red. I tried to look for solutions, and even found out that I´m missing this olepro32.dll (forum:main-patch-window-gone), I´ve downloded the library, but that didn´t help in any way. Is there some way to make it run?

I´m running W8.1 and the version of vvvv is 45beta33.3_x64.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

hei prokosim,

are you sure you followed the instructions here: installation

it sounds like you didn’t unzip the download…is that possible?

I’ve seen the same issue right now.
Everything was unpacked correctly with 7zip and all dependency installed via Setup.exe.
This AddFlow checkbox was still red and unticks immediately.
The solution was simply to restart windows.
I guess one should do this somethimes after installing dependencies.