Add WINDOWS ONLY to the site - no point people clicking download, call it "Windows download"

  • Windows only, why not make that clear on the site? You let people download a ZIP file that is platform dependent. Make it a dirty .exe file

  • Moderation on forum posts?

  • Why windows only anyway?

  • stupid

Merry Christmas :-)

Yeah windows sucks, everyone knows artists only use osx, and we like to hang around at trendy art openings drinking free booze, that’s how we afford macs…

Btw you can run windows via boot camp on your mac, and then it runs vvvv!
Funnily enough quite a lot of us do just this, although retina makes this trickier…
Even funnier, the only program I use in windows, is vvvv, yeah it’s that good that I still reboot when I want to patch, because quartz composer, pretty as it is, (why does it only run on osx, I’ve tried to run the dmg, and nada!) doesn’t hold up as well.
Maybe you should have a look at vuo, they’re talking about that being cross platform at some point in the future, but I’d advise, boot camp your mac, and get patching now…
And yeah, happy Xmas dude!

LoL @ Catweasel :D Awesome Xmas dudes!!

To be honest he/she has a point that it isn’t stated on the download page that vvvv is Windows only, nor is it on the front-page. Not saying we should state it anywhere, but perhaps a link to system requirements, like most software has, could help here.

“Do NOT use the Windows zip-function” is the only give away, or do Mac files not end with .exe and do they use .zip? (I know shit about mac, and have a great need to keep it like that).


Here’s an interesting write up on Pure Data by Jamie Bullock.

Lots of good points raised that could easily be said for vvvv.

good point gaz

thanks for your kind words. i just added a link to the System Recommendations on the downloads. just let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

note also that instead of going through the trouble of creating a 10minute email-address and registering a username on you can simply write as guest/guest. because service is our success.

first of all… merry christmas people… really happy and proud to decide years ago to follow such and unique tool as vvvv.
i must say, that actually, after years going trough OSX, windows, and any OS that let us create, i must admit, that windows, is rough, its not for people ready to click, its for people that clicks to be ready, i think this is vvvv.
osx seem pretty, but lacks in originally, i really think that vvvv, must be out of this “pretty” look …someone ever think about a vvvv os runtime
windows based multipurpose kit out of the box?, i throw it here,
cheers vvvvers…

Merry Christmas everyone.

vvvv running on win is quite okay, but the great user interface could be even better.
I’m teaching vvvv at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd and most students have problems with left/right-click and the wording of some nodes because it’s written in their technical background, not in what they actually do, what is much easier. LFO for example, the first Node students always LOVE ;) It’s wording is technical, but people expect something like timebased animation. Or the main menu because it’s not standard.

On the other hand there are some huge steps forward, thank you for the finder and project explorer, for example! So I’m looking forward to what will come in 2014.

Happy 2014444 everyone :)
Oh and yes, a little “Windows” in front of 32 and 64 bit won’t hurt! ;)

I think if you haven’t done your research and don’t know by now that vvvv is and has been always a Windows software, then you shouldn’t even begin to download. This is what makes vvvv different than others, you have to experience DirectX.

Same think goes for the GUI, vvvv is fine with limited user interface, it is most attractive this way as underneath it all it’s so powerful, but on the surface so minimal, no bells or whistles, no distracting rainbow colour buttons or sliders, just pure power if you learn how to use it because you want to, badly, even if it means you have to sell your Mac; or just Bootcamp your Mac, it runs so good on those Macs, I know, that’s how I use it on a laptop and I’m mainly a Windows user…

nice link gaz! the article looks at the details which regular users totally forget…

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Dedicated to all of you out there.
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Coming to our dearest @Add WINDOWS_ONLY to site:

Easter Egg in XMas time! Isn’t this the best place on the internet? As a plus: didn’t you notice all those bunnies bouncing round and round?

Why dirty? Keep it clean, instead. As you should do with your room. And go brush your teeth! Now!

So… uh… you don’t understand and the stupid is: us all.
Yeah, woah. Uh, flawless reasoning.


One more thing: adding windows-only to the site could be slightly misleading, imho.
One can surf whatever os is used - MS, Apple, Linux ones…
Dear @Add WINDOWS_ONLY to site, if you’re experiencing problems, try Firefox or Chrome, they come in a nice .exe that you can install in a few steps.

Happy holidays, people!

Like H99 said, Claiming windows only is quite misleading as people use it also from OSX via bootcamp. I do. VVVV runs also via virtual windows.

In other words, your argument will apply for Touch Designer as it needs Windows to run natively on your mac with bootcamp and never works on VMWare if you wish to use OSX and Windows with TD side by side. But VVVV you can do that anyway, even kinect and other sensors works without any trouble.

We are not stupid, did you noticed how polite Joreg responded to you? Shame on whoever you are man just because of the sound of your feedback was not nice.

EXE for each release or contribution? 90% of the users don’t know how to compile all the files to one EXE. And you expect to make that as standard just because you are dumb not to understand?

Please, buy a license of winrar.