Add folder in nodebrowser

how to add a folder to the node browser? And yet such a problem, I want to add my patch in node list, doing everything from (Root pointing to the folder with the patch folder contains three folders as it is written) and vvvv sees them only in the root, in other patches is created and it does not see( … . what could be the problem ?? Thank you.

Probably you should add something between round brackets at the end like: MyNode (MyCategory) as Renderer (EX9), and then add your node to the proper folder - a module in \modules, a plugin in \plugins, etc.
You should also read nodes and paths page from the wiki, in particular the “Using other packs” paragraph.
If this does not work, post the node here.

Thank you! round brackets solved the problem. But I found nothing about them on the wiki …

Here’s another wikipage: conventions.nodeandpinnaming