activeX implementation

Hi guys!

What is the way to go (if there is one) to implement this :

in a patch ?

thank you and have a vvvvery good weekend.

should be quite possible to write a gui-plugin that shows the powerpoint. start here: HowTo VVVVPlugins from the guiTemplate.

thanks for quick answer joreg !

I’ll give it a try and probably come back with some questions since Im a beginner in programming.


the plugin way will have the same problems with outputting the ppt as a texture as mentioned in the ActiveX Director Plugin thread.

At MESO we are also occasionaly asked for powerpoint playback, so the PPT topic is somehow on my personal agenda for vvvv. Starting with the ActiveX its looks quite simple to make it a native vvvv node (i need to check the licensing conditions though).

So if you have any commercial budget for adding this to vvvv, please contact the

I did write to the vvvv group but no answer … normal ?

really sorry artcontr. you’ll receive an answer next week. hope thats not too late…