Accommodation Node 2013


anyone out there going to this year’s node and interested in sharing a room? Depending on how many we become and want to pay we might also get a flat via AirBNB. I will stay in Frankfurt from monday till sunday.

If you’re interested reply or send me a message!


I’m interested…if we can find it cheaper than this

and in a good location

count me in :)

i’m interested too

A “vvvv mansion”, I didn’t book anything yet, could be interesting.

Im also interested. Wouldnt want to sleep in a hostel room with random people carrying all my hardware around ;S Would also be a nice chance to meet some new vvvvriends

nice idea! i m looking for accomodation too :)

I am interested too. gegenlicht has a point.

At node08 there was a noders room. At Frankfurt hostel perhaps we could do the same this year.

Okay cool, looks like we have quite a few people together…
I think the 5 Elements Hostel looks quite good:

This is what they offer for <200.00 EUR:
bed / 8-bed-dorm : 142.00€
bed / 6-bed-dorm : 143.00€
bed / 4-bed-dorm : 177.00€
apartment (2-8 pers.): 1,474.50€

I wouldnt mind taking the apartment if we get 8 people together.
But I’m also up for the stinky 8 bed dorm if it’s filled with people dreaming of electric sheep.
So best would be if anyone who’s really in sends me a mail with his preferences and his real name and i will book it as soon as we have enough people together.

sent :)… no text …

So far i received mails from

  • gegenlicht
  • DorosP
  • m4d
  • sonostrano
  • vasilis
  • beyon

So there is one more place left!
The majority wants to take the apartment.

…and Sune is also in. VVVVull House! :)

Everyone else is of course invited to join us. But for now we’re planning to get one dorm/apartment for us.