Accessing Windows 7 as server

can I access a file in Windows from a Unix machine (Android) given its IP, like ? Or do I need to install a server ?

I used dropbox for this, but interesting idea to do this without tools.

if i remember well, in this gilbi contribution there is a server usage:

you can with smbclient which is part of samba.,

meh, sorry for strange doubleposting… ^^

I ve gone the wampp way for the moment, but 400mb of software just to serve a file seems to be a bit overkill… If I can access a file via samba sharing, how can i get its URL?


What is the windows-share-name ? I ve tried with my computer 's sname but it doesn t work…

it’s the name under which you share a ressource (e.g. folder) on the windows machine.

I am wondering if Android recognizes the smb:// address…

also you might want to consider installing OpenSSH or similar on the windows machine for remote terminal access (i.e. without disrupting the GUI)
(this is completely the wrong place for this tip, as smb shares DO NOT disrupt the GUI) :)