Accessing Render properties from dynamic plugins

Hello everybody,

i’m new to vvvv have some questions about dynamic plugins (c#)

1.i’m looking for an option to adjust the hidden pins in a patch (e.q the Fullscreen Dimensions on a RendererEX9)

  1. is it possible to create a renderer through code, and are there some tutorials or snippets

regards and thx in advantage


helo chicken,

ad 1)
there are different ways of hiding pins: configuration pins like the Fullscreen Dimensions on Renderer (EX9) are hidden by design as they are not supposed to be possibly changed at runtime every frame. you create a configuration pin by using the Config attribute instead of the Input attribute, like so:

[Config("My Config Pin")](Config("My Config Pin"))

the alternative is a normal input pin with its Visibility attribute set to some other PinVisibility than its default true.

ad 2)
for a general tutorial read dynamic-plugins. creating a renderer via code…in theory kind of yes. in practice this is not a trivial task…what would be the reason for doing so?

you don’t need plugins to do that.

see this Module for an example

@joreg, kalle
ad 1)
The idea was to adjuste the resolution over tcp/udp. kalle shows me excactly what i want ;)

ad 2)
i thought there is commands like CreateNode() and CreateConnection() for all the provided nodes. The Renderer was only a example.