Accessing properties of custom types (OSCTimeTag)


I’m coming back to doing some more work with OSC in VL and need to retrieve the time stamp of OSC bundles. I was happy to see the TimeTag object and straight away created my own OSCMessage (Split) to expose that data:


The problem is that this returns an OSCTimeTag object which contains two properties: Timestamp and Epoch (both DateTime). I just need the Timestamp.

I am completely stumped on how to retrieve it. Is there some generic way of retrieving a property from a class? In general I’d assume there’d be a OSCTimeTag (Split) function that would let me retrieve these values but there isn’t, and so I’m wondering do I need to create one? Or is there another way of approaching the problem?

hei mfan,

i’m afraid timetags are not supported yet by the current implementation and there isn’t a straightforward way to access them.

luckily all sources are open and if you’re happy to add this yourself, here goes:

  • find the implementation of the OSCTimeTag record and simply return the Timestamp pad via an output on a separate operation, eg. named GetTimestamp
  • then return this DateTime from your custom OSCMessageT (Split)

obviously this is quite dirty because now you’re modifying the internal OSC.Core.vl document which is not meant to be edited. we’ll be sure to add this in an upcoming release soon.

Hey joreg,

Thanks for your reply! While modifying the OSC.Core.vl is not ideal, following the steps you outlined above, it was certainly easy to do, and got me up and running and understanding a little more about VL. Cheers!

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i also noticed that the timetag was not correctly parsed yet. should work correctly now in 2019.2 0140


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