Accessing IP camera with HTML texture

So I’ve got a dirt cheap IP web cam, and I want to access its image via HTML texture.
I can view the image through firefox etc by giving ip and port number, it asks for login name and password, the question is how do I do this though vvvv?
The HTML texture stays black, no pop box appears, any ideas of how to get a user name and pass in there?
I’m a web dunce, so I’ve no clue really!
Viewing the page source in firefox I can see

and if I click on the /lang/b28n.js I get the popup for the name/pass. is the page url
I’ve tried and

and tried /lang/b28n.js in the javascript input to the node.
Any help gratefully recieved :D

So I’ve had another crack, using HTML(networkget) I can login, as it has a name and pass field. I can see the HTML, and I can render that in HTMLTexture string, I’ve supplied the base URL to the HTMLtexture node and got the button gfx, but still no video.

The javascript port is that supposed to point to a .js file, or do you enter script in there?
Also the pan tilt buttons dont seem to work either, although they do have gfx.

hmm ok, so I can
and it returns an image but when I try

which works in firefox, I get a HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden message

If I keep banging snapshot it crashes v4 pretty quickly :D


I used this url into the HTML texture node
This thread helped!

Its a Tenvis JPT3815W wireless+wired camera that cost £30 by the way in case anyone is interested, got pan and tilt too ;)
Although I haven’t managed to access that through vvvv yet…
Might try that next :D

Hi catweasle,

to get the stream into vvvv as video source you can try this little tool which is a DirectShow filter, after setting it up a DirectShow device is showing up on the video in node.