Access Z-Values of repeated Spread

Hey there,

i am checking out VL a little bit more and i am currently trying to add a randomSpread to the z-values of a repeated Spread.

the problem is that i dont know how to access all z-values of the repeated spread i did before.
the randomspread only applys the same way for every slice of the repeated spread.
so in the example patch it only adds 6 different z values to the spread, but i want it to be 24 different values so every z-value has its own random value.

can someone enlighten me ;)

since you have a spread of spread you have to also generate a spread of spread for the random values that matches the counts and connect it in the same way to the nested ForEach.

or generate the random vectors with a Z value in the first place…

I tried it like this but its not a real random spread of a spread. it converges around the borders of the given width of the first randomspread. best to be seen when going up with the camera and when i raise the spreadcount


I dont know of another way to get to the data or spreadtype?? of [11] [4] in the case of this example.

i think it could be solved if the second ForEach-Loop would make a step foward everytime in the RandomSpread and not go back to the beginning of the inserted Randomspread everytime the outside ForEach-Loop starts again, but i dont know how to make this happen too ;)

Hey knoeterich,
Is it want you looking after


InsideVector.7z (4.5 KB)

I think i found a solution.

Using the seed of a second RandomSpread to make a SpreadOfSpread gives me a better distribution of random values. I didnt thought of it because the RandomSpread generates float32 values.
I only had to convert them to integer and i got what i was looking for as you can see in the pictures.

Thanks for the help.



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