Access violation when creating Ex9Renderer

it’s been a while since the last time i used vvvv.
I am now trying to install vvvv in my cheap laptop but when i try to create a new ex9Renderer no node is created (both x32 and x64 version of both 32.1 and 32). Obviously there is something wrong with my laptop. Anyone has a clue?
I attach the exception

  • tsou

error.txt (27.0 kB)

can you elaborate a bit on your system?

  • OS
  • graphic card
  • graphic card driver

it is most likely related to your graphiccard/driver. so check if you can update that.

Thank you for the quick reply
my laptop does not have an external GPU, it uses HD Graphics 4000. On top of this the laptop was shipped with windows 8 and i switched to 7, so maybe there is the, problem.