About wood and heat

Just a little tip.
In a current setup I have 2 projectors screwed into a squared (about 1,5m x 1,5m) 10mm thick MDF panel.
The panel is hanging 20cm from then ceiling and it is attached to it in 4 points with 4 metal hooks.
The projection is mapped onto paintings.
What happens is that when the gallery is packed with people, the heat and vapor (from breathing) deforms the MDF panel thus de-aligning the projection.

“who knows about wood, takes metal”

but please consider that worse can happen and read about Fire-resistance_rating.

i don’t think that raw MDF is enough fireresistant!

using flammable materials in an event is minimum grossly negligent
think about that incident in perm/russia on 7.12.2009 where 112 people had to die.

also make sure that you use only suitable equipment for rigging,

not like here:

the quantity of wood used in the gallery is maybe 4 sq meter over a 200 sq meter of concrete wall room so it is not a danger at all.
The equipment is properly fixed with standard steel threaded rod and there is enough space between the projectors and the MDF for ventilation.
I bet that using multi-layered wood (dunno the exact name) would have prevented the deformation…
I hopefully will be able to upload some videos and pictures soon.