About waveplayer and wavefiles

exporting wav file for example from Ableton result on a corrupt file, Waveplayer renders some kind of digital noise and vvvv eventually crashes, I haven t found the exact pattern for this behavior as it sometime happens, other times files are OK. This happens also converting files with VLC.
I assumed wav file were of a single standard kind, uncompressed audio files (as tiff files for images).
I am always using 16bit 44.1Khz files.
What s to know about wav files? How to get them right for Waveplayer?

Also, what does the pin “sync” do exactly?


maybe they need to be stereo? re-check the wave file properties… i can play all my .wav files from ableton live without problems… sometimes there are different number formats in .wav files (like int/float), but live seems to write the correct number format.

why, don’t you try aif and bass node makes me think?