About ttz-4 spam attack to vvvv.org

hi people, joreg, vvvvebmaster!

yesterday i met ttz-4(same as ttz4) spambot alive!
or should i say, i met a guy, whom i know last 4 years (we work together on some projects from time to time), and he asked me:

  • hey bo, are you still using that vvvv stuff?
  • yes i do - i said
  • can you help me when? i tried to read tutorials and forced accies diented pages. when i tried to download hole site to read it offline. i started download and going sleep, but when i woke up, i saw shoutbox about ttz-4 spam attack at forum. and they block me after that.
  • what is your nickname at vvvv.org - i asked.
  • ttz-4, ttz4 and i registred by one other but they block me.

i laughed a lot

i explained to him all about accies diented pages, forum attack and his mistakes with sites download.

i guarantee that he is not a hacker and not a spammer. He is a professional video engineer who wants to learn vvvv. And with little help of me and you he will come a good member of community.

please let him back! thank you

Oh, wow you know a spambot. Awesome.
Reminds me of this ;D

Ok I see what went wrong there. His crawler tried to download all pages and “clicked” all the “mark as reply” links. So we thought he was a spambot. He should be able to re-register as ttz-4. If that doesn’t work let us know. If he finds access denied links in the docs, he should let us know about that, so we can fix it. He just shouldn’t crawl the site when logged on, otherwise our forums get corrupted.

Hope thing are clear now :). And sorry to ttz-4 for blocking.

actually one could also say that your friend was rather careless letting his crawler lose onto this site which is full of “submit”, “new…”, “mark as …” buttons… also seen from the perspective of a webmaster mirroring the whole site is rather a hostile action imho. (just my 2 cents) ;)

however, good that this mistery was solved…

many thanks vvvvebmaster!
finally guess it was his fault. and you made all right.
thank you for spam filter. it’s good for all that you made filter for fault mayday.

@frank you right. it’s awesome to meet live spambot)) and it’s 3 times more awesome when spambot is your colleague and you met him in 15 millions city when you spend there 1 day and have no any business with him. real futurama)))

that’s ok. actually we were planning an offline version of the site. maybe there’ll be time for that sometime in the future.