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Hello together,

I added a small extract of my project focusing on the task how to register timestamps of data on a timeline.
The timestamps in my case result from hundreds of predefined time based data.
I´m a little desperate about this task and really doubtfull about my solution, because it does not seem stable and precise.

I did not find another solution other than putting an equal between timestamps and timeline hoping for a bang when the inputs hit the same value, but the timestamps do not seem to get registerd correctly.
And what about the epsilon, why does it not work when setting tolerance to 0? (The indices of the timestamps proceed in chronological order)

I´m also not happy with using the frame delay, but it seems that vvvv needs an animation to get the timestamps data out of the spread, when connected to another animation, here LFO. Without frame delay, only the first slice is registered.

I really would appreciate help with this.
Thanks sueniii

example (6.7 kB)

hey i just had a look. cool project.

my suggestion is to add a processing step in between in which you check all earthquake day dates against all available dates with sift.

then you check the positive days for the time if you want it that precise

then you can create your own timeline that does not need to run in realtime.

so first create the whole picture, and then animate it.

Yo, sounds like a cool project, wonder what the visuals look like :)

some things:

When you use the framedelay + combo, you are basically generating time based on the vvvv framerate, and that speed is just not constant.

You could check the Intergrate node:
westtricks#difference between lfo and integrate

About the episolon, well, you are comparing 2 running LFO’s (LFO and Framedelay thinghy) with a different speed, and than check when that is equal, any bang you get is just RANDOM. So that is NOT the way to figure this out.

It is better to use a < or > than =. That way you will never miss anything.

time sequencing2.v4p (31.8 kB)

Hello tekcor, hello Westbam,

many thanks for the advices and help with the timeline. It was a key problem.

Very interesting how to catch the values with the use of the < node. It seems to work out. So now I got the right rhythm.

I will finish the project and than attach it with the visuals to check out.