About spread performances

Hello technical question :

if i have a spread of n values what is the difference in terms of performance if i just need n :

  1. use the srpeads as input for a n counting&operations
  2. use a count+I(spreads) and use ti for counting&operations

I ask that cos i saw in users patching that sometimes these methods alternate, using just spreads laks more memory or what ?

could you supply an example?

Sure :)… no text …

sample.v4p (4.8 kB)

hum, that example was not very clear to me either…

if you just need to count how many slices are in that spread, dealing with the spread itself is enough.
the ‘count+i’ combination generates a unique id for each slice.

as far as i know it is best for performance to use as little nodes as possible :)

Sorry if i was not able to explain my doubt and compliments for answer that solved it :)