About setSlice index to changing quad's color


This is the current state of my work.
It’s supposed to detect people, but for now I made a moving sphere for it to detect.

Right now it’s working like the first picture below when it’s video out…(no.1)

I’m trying to find a way to change the the shape of the red light that’s moving around the sphere like the second picture.(no.2)

At first I thought I could just increase the number of quads using cross and linearspread and set different colors in each quad slice but it seems impossible…
So now I’m trying to make more indexes(same as the number of quads) and make them into one list so that it would video out specific index as it detects different location.

If anyone could help me on how to do this, or suggest another solution to make it(no.2) happen it would be greatly appreciated.

miro4.v4p (200.1 kB)