About render-window

Dear Great VVVV users,

I’m afraid that this is very basic question, but I couldn’t find any answer in the topics with F1 key and forum.

I’d like to show render image on full screen, but there is always windows XP’s window-frame with titles.(defalt color is blue, and with icons of minimize+full screen+close window.)

  1. So how can I show my render image without these window frame with title and icons? (for example=Alt+???)

  2. Can I show render image on secandaly monitor as video-projector? Is it possible to make it with first double click on VVVV-project-icon automatically?

Thank you in advance.

Kentaur from Tokio

Dear Kentaur,

the renderer has a pin called “fullscreen”. move your renderers window to the second screen and set the fullscreen pin to “1”.
when you save and reload your patch the renderer should open same place, same size.

regards from Wiesbaden/Germany

p.s.: you may try ALT-ENTER

Oh! Ganz einfach!

danke danke.