About Nil?

hi, everyone

RenderTTY says me:

00:30:46 * : patch C:\vvvv_40beta22\modules\vvvv group\Spreads\NIL (Spreads).v4p has been marked as changed because of convertions (from http://vvvv.org/versions/vvvv40alpha19.1.dtd to 40beta22). you will be asked for OVERWRITING your patch with the updated version…

i do not understand that…
can anyone help? please

This only implies that the NIL(Spreads) module has lastly been saved with vvvv version 40alpha19.1. There shouldn´t be any further consequences. To get rid of the message, open the module and hit ctrl + s to save it.

thanks bjoern!
this is first time i debugging big patch. so anything that i didn’t see before makes me crazy)