About Mapping/ Boygrouping/Video Sync

Dear All,
After long days of research on all the topics you saw in my title, I am questioning again the way that I follow and need your help.

Via Boygrouping ( 2 or 3 clients and 1 server) I want to map a room from 4 different perspectives with 4 projectors. On Right sides of the objects –left sides of the objects -front and the ground, a video scene will be created. The setting is fixed.
How to solve it in software side is a little confusing. I read all boygrouping and videosync disscussions and analysed the patches. My boygroup works well, no prob. But I want to know whether I am on the right track or not.

On my server, I created subpatches where I receive the videos via file stream then project them on x.file and then set the camera and projector settings.
On the main patch,for each video subpatch I use another renderer on the server and forward each on related clients as fullscreen. Is it the right way to deal with it? At this point, I could not find a way to provide video syncronization between different renderers on the server? Yes I checked also video sync module. The question there emerged is to apply it in subpatches where I control also the perspective of the videos.

Another coming question is about sound. I havent researched about it very deeply. For example, the video file which is projected from front and from client #1 one has sound and where should I connect my sound system? ( you can also say try and listen :)
A light… pls :)


I guess my way of patching is similar to this comment of joreg

According to this thread the way that I deal with projector setting and camera settings are right. After mapping the videos in subpatches of the server, each renderer goes to fullscreen on its regarded client. It is also ok.
How to combine the videosync with these 4renderers is still an open question.
Answers welcomed…

Post your patch or a lite version of it. This would make things easier to understand here.

here it is…
I hope the patch can tell you more…

forum.zip (25.3 kB)

nope, sorry… you got it all wrong :)

well, not all… you would only create one subpatch and have different camera settings. you can put in 4 camera settings into the renderer and then use the transformation index pin with the boygroup ID to render the right view.

on more comlicated setups you would still have only one subpatch and change the setting using the boygroup ID.
same with video. you can basically use the help patch from the videosync und use it in your setup. only thing to change on each client is the video file.

Upss bad news.
A point is not clear to me,maybe there is something wrong with my logic from the beginning: ( please consider that I am stil a newbie with an artistic background in 4v and I will be so forever…:)
In my subpatches, I used 20x20 grid planes as xfiles.Corresponding videos for each surface are textures on these x files. In order to map projections to the surfaces I edit them with point editor. (our video renders from cinema 4d and aftereffects are already in 4 different perspectives which are the same perspective of predicted locations of the projectors.)That is to say it is a mixed way of dealing with video mapping on 3d surface.Pls tell me if its too mixed… :)
In the case you told:
I have to create corresponding renderer setting for each client then call them for each client.These settings should include.
1)Projector Setting ( to be honest this point is not clear because it is a little more complicated than the examples that I had seen so far…)
2)Point editor setting( I do not have any imagination yet how to realize this)
Thank youu thank youu!

So the questions are stil opened…:)