Ableton python midi remote scipt

dear all,

just found this new features … sorry for that ;)
after some quick test i’ve to admit it’s quite user friendly and fast (automap values, auto populate devices and parameters list etc…) and wonder if the VL language could at some point talk the way it does here?
a python wrapper or something?
not fully understand what’s going on under the wood but seems like a python<>osc communication
with of course the appropriate midi remote script.

It all boils down to the time consuming work of implementeing an interface to the Live Object Model.

It can be partly made with midi remote scripts ( for which you can use python).
And some parts have to be done in m4l

Back in 2013 I started with this with the m4l to VVVV devices contribution, so this would be a start if anyone wants to open that box.

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