A27.2 | debug mode bug?


try the following:

  • create a new patch
  • create any node (eg. a renderer)
  • select the node and enable debug mode for this node
  • click anywhere else in the patch and turn and enable global debug mode on and of (i.e.: click the debug mode switch twice) --> tick count for the node disappears
  • now click and drag the node a bit --> tick count is back again like when debug mode is on for this node.

i guess this is not expected. also this behaviour is different from b27.1

thanks for the report. for me that behaviour is actually the same in b27.1. also i’d consider it minor, or is there a case where this is really annoying?

i’d also say it is a minor as long as it has no influence on performance (meaning: is debug mode really off when not visible?)

hmyes, sometimes it happens that you switched of debugging, but there’s still a node (in a subpatch) thats debugging - and, of course, it has an impact on performance.

fixed the inconsistency.

for now the global debug mode and the selective debug mode get combined via OR. turning global debug mode on and off wont influence selective debug mode.

just try the new alpha27.2. thanks!