A virtual minefield

A virtual minefield


I am doing a school project where I want to make a virtual minefield using vvvv. For starters I’m only doing a sketch version of it, so I only need to be shown which patches I need to use. This is to show that it can be done.

Can somebody here help me on my way?

Here is a description of how I want to do it:

People are going to walk down a path, and when they step on a mine (walk in a certain area) an explosion will go off from some speakers an explosion will be projected to the floor. After the explosion a voiceover will talk about the minefield problem in African countries, and explain how we can solve this problem.

I am going to use a infrared camera, and hang it from the ceiling, to track movement.
I have to make a grid to track the people in.
I have to make ”mines” in the grid so that when the infrared camera tracks movement and heat at the mines, they will explode.
I have to have a patch that makes the sound go off when heat and mines collide.

I am going to hang a projector from the ceiling to project the explosion to the floor.
I have to have a patch that projects the explosion.
I have to sync the infrared camera and the projector so that the explosion appears at the right spot at the right time.

I have to have a patch that resets the minefield when the voiceover is finished.

I have seen similar things been done before, and the patches probably exist. Does anybody know which ones I need?
Can somebody give me some links to the right patch?
Is this all I need? And of course a CPU and a PC and stuff…

Thanks a lot for all the help in advance!

Hi Andre , I think trautner will do most of the activation part by making some hotspots where the mines are , then just place some explosión animations when this hot spots are reached and so for the sound .

depending on the size of your space and the height of the ceiling, it may be hard to get a decent camera image with little distortion at the edges, as obviously the wider the viewing angle of your camera, the more you see people from the sides instead of from top.
One remedy to this is to use multiple cameras (like 4 really cheap FBAS cams) and either capture all 4 with a quad-input capture card or use a video combiner (from surveillance equipment) to merge the 4 feeds in a quad-split screen and a single channel capture card. When adjusted carefully, you could get a better reading of the visitors’ (I’d rather not say users in this case) position.

I second colorsound, trautner is a robust and simple way to check for collisions. If you’re planning to use projections of the floor, you’ll need to use an Infrared filter and possibly some IR light because otherwise the projection would also count as a movement, which would most probably trip more mines, chain-reaction style…

google for infrared tracking techniques, and congo blue.

Thanks for the guidance!

I’m looking forward to learning vvvv and getting the system up and running.

a super messy patch that uses traunter but its hard to figure out
set “set” to

timebombmidi.v4p (21.2 kB)

super messy patch:
i agree.
seems that you really want to reverse the dataflow upside down.
perhaps you want to know how to avoid this.

sorry about the messy patch.
thanks for the tip kalle!