A time problem

Hello folks!
I have a little problem with my actual project in university:
I try to track to processes that my computer calculates in relation to the actual time. My target is to get a list of diffrent programs (white list) and the duration how long they were running if I close them.

I´m pretty new in using vvvv and for that reason I don´t have an idea which node could be useful.

I attached my code and hopefully someone could help. If you could give me the name of the nodes that might be useful it would be just great!



Processes_for_upload.v4p (51.2 kB)

aigth, see how you can use sift, occurence and get slice together and have a closer look on framedelay and queue.

Processes_for_upload2_1.v4p (27.9 kB)

i don’t know if you want to use vvvv for more than logging, otherwise there are tools like http://www.heise.de/download/winlog-assist-task-tracking-1157914.html

thanks! I tried it with the sift node and the code was running pretty well, but right now it stoped workin and it´s only possible to track only one process at the time. I´m not able to find my mistake… may be it´s a bug in the sift node?!

problem_001.v4p (33.2 kB)