A sort of opacity slider

hi there
i just recently discovered VVVV and must say its a great program to work with.
I much prefer it over processing that i used before, but my question is.
I am making a simple renderer output where 2 video file’s are playing simultaneously with a blending mode on them (used the texture node and aplied them to a quad in ex9 renderer), but i was wondering if its possible to get like a IObox slider for it that could make it possible to set the opacity
this would be very useful to me if its possible to do.

just connect a SetAlpha (Color) node to the quads and set the input color to white…

thank you very much tonfilm that was exactly what i needed :)

That is why I placed this on the wishlist, to make it even more eay… Jaria, check the patch on that page, gives a nice example on how to do it…