A question about the Kommunikator for VVVV screenshots


Perhaps it’s too late today (and I’m tired) that I didn’t figured out how to send a screenshot with CTRL+3 through the Kommunikator, but if I press the combination I only see a black image in the Kommunikator window screen, instead of the content. What could it be? I tried it with Beta26 and Beta27, but with no success. So, I posted in the meantime the screenshots with the writer node in the gallery.

A question: Do I have to see the renderer content in the Kommunikator preview window or is it normal that you don’t see there anything? If I press CRTRL+3 in the patch window then I see the patch construction, but not the renderer screen.

are you on vista? i remember screenshots failed there. if you’re on win7 it sounds like a gfx-driver problem. basically you should see a screenshot of any vvvv-window you pressed ctrl+3 in kommunikator.

on W7, try disable windows aero, that fixed it for me, but i was getting grey images, not black

I’m on windows 7 64-bit with aero, I’ll try to disable it…

It worked! Thank you sapo :)