A little lost as a beginner

I have just discovered vvvv and I’m having a blast with it so far. My background is in graphic design/3d animation and some front-end web development. I wanted to use vvvv to create animations that can be exported as an mp4 and brought into video editing software such as After Effects for post processing. Don’t know if this is possible or even an intended use of vvvv or not.

I downloaded gamma and went through the beginner tutorial series on youtube which was excellent, but now I’m struggling to find more learning materials. Most search results for tutorials seem to be for beta which I’m seeing is a different(older?) version. I tried to follow along with one or two tutorials but some of the nodes being used were different or missing entirely. I’ve seen some really impressive visuals made in vvvv but I’m not sure how to bridge the gap between the very basics and these more complex scenes. For example on the visualprogramming.net front page there is an amazing screenshot of a 3D scene in gamma . Is there perhaps a tutorial on how to create something like that?

Check out the Node20 Workshopbundle at the Node Institute, it’s for free.

Also install the VL.Fuse pack and explore their example patches. https://www.thefuselab.io

And regarding video output: Video Recording | vvvv gamma documentation

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