A little help from fellow noders

Hello everyone currently at node.
I had an unfortunate incident this morning and my laptop was stolen while having breakfast in the hostel.

As I still want to experience and learn ad much as possible in this great event, I would like to ask if someone has a spare laptop which could be loaned to me during the workshops?

I will be attending : trannsformations, facade mapping, art and brainwaves and visualising dance.

If anyone attending this workshops has a spare laptop I would really appreciate it if they could bring it along.

Thank you very much, enjoy node!
(And don’t leave your stuff alone no matter how hungry you are)

I have the little win8 tablet and you are welcome to use that, but it has intel gpu and very little hdd space and is relatively slow. but it works.

actually it is ati graphics

@dorosp: Are you german? If not, do you need any assistance with going to the police to report the theft?

Thanks Dave, I already spoke with them.

ok great… no text …

@Dorosp, sorry to hear this. I hope you only had unimportant materials on the machine and it’s only the hardware lose. I always carry the security lock cable thing and if needed lock to furniture or anything, makes it harder for them to take the furniture as well.

I don’t have a spare laptop but attending the ‘art and brainwaves’ workshop, if you didn’t get anything by then you are welcome to sit with me and share the exercises. Also ask the organizers at Node13 and also the guys teaching the workshops, I’m sure someone has the spare machine just for a few hours at a time… it’s not always that one has an unfortunate event like this, so Node13 people should help you, if they can.

let us know if you sorted something…

Hi metrowave,

Yes I was lucky enough to not loose any important data. Dropbox saved my life.
Sunep was kind enough to loan me his win8 tablet so I can do the work. Working fine so far! Thanks for the offer!